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8:30am – 5:30pm


8:30am – 5:30pm


8:30am – 5:30pm


8:30am – 5:30pm


8:30am – 5:30pm





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  • Phone: (02) 9416 5092
  • Fax: (02) 9416 8274
  • Address: 67 Hill Street, Roseville Sydney

  • For Emergencies
    Phone ahead to alert staff so they can assist you on arrival

After Hours and Emergency Care

If you require urgent medical attention outside of practice hours, please ring 000 and choose option “ambulance”. Alternatively, the nearest emergency department is Royal North Shore Hospital (Pacific Hwy, St Leonards. Phone 9926 7111)

If you require a home visit after hours, ring the practice on 9416 5092 and your call will be diverted to an after-hours service. This practice is registered with the Sydney Medical Cooperative, who are contactable on 1300 466 347. Their service is bulk billed for medicare card holders.

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Hill Street Family Doctors
Medical Practice, Roseville

Hill Street Family Doctors is a very long established general practice located in Roseville on Sydney’s North Shore. It is a traditional family practice, with families of several generations attending over the years. We look after patients of all ages.

There are four independent doctors who practise from Hill Street Family Doctors, supported by two receptionists and a part time registered nurse. Dr David Chen has an interest in counselling and medical hypnotherapy. Dr Linda Barrett works part time and has an interest in women’s health. Dr Hannah Hrones a local solo practitioner joined the practice a few years ago and she also specialises in women’s health. Dr Louise Holliday has recently joined the practice moving from Willoughby.

Further information about Hill Street Family Doctors can be found in our Practice Information Page.

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Medical & Health Services

General Consulting General Consulting Our GPs can advise on all general medical issues – from simple chest or throat infections, to skin examinsations, to more complex internal medical problems. We work closely with specialists to help give you the best possible medical care. Book Online Womens Health Womens Health Our female GPs provide discreet care and advice. Women’s health services and treatments include bone density checks, contraception, fertility assessment, hormonal issues, pap smears and pre- and post-pregnancy management. Book Online Family Planning Family Planning We provide discreet care and advice on all female health issues including contraception and family planning. Our female GPs have extensive experience in women’s health. Contraceptive services and treatments include oral contraceptives, implants and other otions. Book Online Pap Smears Cervical Screening Tests The Cervical Screening Test (which replaced the Pap Smear test) should be done every 5 years to detect the presence of human papilloma virus. Further testing may identify pre-cancerous cells which can be successfully removed to prevent cervical cancer. Book Online Rehabilitation Medicine Rehabilitation Medicine Our doctors can assist with diagnosis, assessment and management of a disability due to injury or illness. We work closely with other therapists, with the goal of restoring function and to optimise daily performance. Book Online Antenatal Care Antenatal Care We offer shareded antenatal care (sharing pregnancy care between the GP and the hospital antenatal clinic) to women with no adverse maternal or fetal pregnancy risk factors. Our GPs can refer to the hospital’s obstetric team if problems arise. Book Online Pregnancy Testing Pregnancy Testing To determine pregnancy a GP may arrange a urine or blood test or conduct an internal examination. Once your pregnancy is confirmed our doctors can discuss and plan your care options with you as well as arrange referral to obstetric consultants if required. Book Online Mens Health Mens Health Whether you’re suffering from muscle aches and pains or you’re in need of a prostate check – we’re here to help. Our GPs have experience in erectile dysfunction, impotence and we can organise family planning tests. Our doctors are keen to keep you fit and strong for life. Book Online Paediatric Vaccinations Paediatric Vaccinations Immunisation is the safest and most effective way of providing protection for your child against a range of diseases including tetanus, whooping cough, measles and Hepatitis B. We administer all vaccinations required under the National Immunisation Program Schedule. Book Online INR INR International Normalised Ratio (INR) testing is an integral part of warfarin treatment. INR plays a critical role in maintaining the warfarin response to provide the benefits of anticoagulation for stroke prevention, while avoiding the risk of haemorrhage.
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Workcover WorkCover Injured at work? Our doctors can help manage injuries, undertake all appropriate investigation and refer you to any necessary specialists. We’re happy to work with your employer, rehabilitation providers and insurance companies. Book Online Heart Checks Heart Checks To determine heart health we can conduct blood pressure checks, blood tests (to check cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels among other things) and arrange an electrocardiogram (ECG) test to detect cardiac abnormalities. Arrange an apppointment today. Book Online

History of the Practice

1913 1913 The property was purpose-built as a doctor's surgery and residence for Dr Frank Brierley who began this practice in 1913. He originally owned the property on the corner and operated the practice from there, but as the then Bank of NSW wanted the corner block, a deal was made to build both the former Westpac building and this home with surgery at 67 Hill Street Roseville 1937 1937 The current waiting room is the original one and the original surgery was the room on the right as you enter the back. Dr Brierley died in 1937, aged 51, and Alec Gray, who was living in 1 Hill Street from 1935, moved over to this building in 1937 and stayed until 1942 when he joined the army. 1942 1942 Dr Maurice Deck took over the practice and building in 1942. Subsequently Dr Edward (Ned) Cortis, who lived in Roseville Ave, also joined the practice in about 1948/49. He had returned from war service. When Dr Deck died unfortunately at a relatively young age of 45 years from pancreatic cancer, Dr Patrick Gordon took over ownership of the property with Dr Cortis continuing as his partner. 1957 1957
In 1957 Dr Cortis left to specialise in surgery and Dr John Cowlishaw , from Quirindi joined the partnership with Dr Gordon in about July of that year. Dr Gordon retired at the age of 74 and Dr David Chen joined the practice in February 1977.In 1986, Dr Cowlishaw retired from General Practice to specialise in counselling and hypnotherapy but continued to work in the premises until vacating in 1996.
Today Today
Hill St Family Doctors has remained at 67 Hill St, Roseville, with several generations attending the practice. The ages of patients range from 0-101 years.

The pationate team at Hill St Family Doctors has kept this historical practice alive and serving the people of Roseville and surrounding Sydney Suburbs.


Meet our Doctors

Dr David Chen Dr David Chen Dr David Chen OAM, M.B.,B.S. (Hons NSW) is the principal who has been at the practice since February 1977. He has four children, two boys, two girls and three grandchildren. Dr Chen has an interest in counselling and medical hypnotherapy, having a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy with the ASH. Principal Doctor Dr Linda Barrett Dr Linda Barrett Dr Linda Barrett works part time and has an interest in women’s health. Doctor Dr Hannah Hrones Dr Hannah Hrones Dr Hrones is a female specialist General Practitioner at Hill Street Family Doctors. Doctor Dr louise Holliday Dr Louise Holliday Dr Holliday is an experienced medical practitioner having worked in practices in Chatswood, Willoughby, Alice Springs and Davis Station in Antarctica during her varied career. She has a particular interest in adult medicine, women’s health, palliative care and helping people become more whole. She is married with two adult children and one beautiful grandson and is a long-time resident of Roseville. Doctor

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